Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Are you a non-profit?

    Our status is pending: as of December 2108 we are awaiting the final OK from the IRS. We hope that will happen in January. Friends of the Santa Monica Animal Shelter will be an IRS tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit at that time.

  2. Do you run the Santa Monica Animal Shelter?

    The Santa Monica Animal Shelter is managed by the Santa Monica Police Department, officially the City of Santa Monica’s Animal Control Unit of the City Police Department. There is an administrator, animal control officers and staff at the Shelter. Friends of the Santa Monica Animal Shelter was founded in 2107 to help update the shelter itself, provide more services such as veterinary care from the basic services the city provides. We will apply funds raised to improve the quality of care the Shelter offers.

  3. How will the funds be used?

    While the City provides the basics, there is much more that needs to be done for the animals and the actual shelter itself. The awnings covering the space need to be replaced, beds are needed for the cages and there is no space for veterinary care. The funds we raise will go towards this work as well as community humane education classes.

    We believe there is so much more the shelter could offer to the residents, pets, and wildlife of Santa Monica that will truly reflect the kind of innovative and compassionate city we are.

    Friends of the Santa Monica Animal Shelter is an all volunteer board: all fundraising proceeds go directly to the Shelter.

  4. How can I contribute?

First off, adopt, give a homeless animal love and care that they don’t have now. If you already have a full house, we would love to have you volunteer at the shelter or donate to us. Funds are always appreciated and supplies are always welcome.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it is so very powerful .

About the Santa Monica Animal Shelter

Are you a no-kill shelter?

Our goal is to deliver the highest possible ’live release rate ‘ that we can. We have met the requirements to be considered a no-kill shelter; your help in assuring our guests stay as longs necessary is crucial. It is the mission of the Shelter to provide the best possible care and reunite and adopt as many animals as they can. We do not sell any of our animals to labs or anywhere else.

How many animals does the shelter care for?

The shelter takes in between 600- 900 animals each year. This includes lost and stray pets, injured animals and sometimes animals from other facilities in an emergency, such as the recent wildfires.

What services does the shelter provide?

The Shelter is more than just a temporary stopover for unwanted animals: it provides a home for lost pets or abandoned animals, ensures that all animals with them are seen and cared for by licensed veterinarians, and receive any necessary care. This includes vaccinations, de-worming and de-fleaing. They are checked for parasites, injuries or illnesses.

The Shelter also adopts out animals in their care.

The shelter takes in

  • dogs and puppies,

  • cats and kittens,

  • rabbits,

  • guinea pigs and other small creatures,

  • birds,

  • small reptiles, and

  • other exotic animals.

What else does the shelter do?

The Shelter does a lot more than collect and care for animals in our city, they also

  • investigate animal cruelty cases, hoarding or illegal pets

  • license animal residents

  • respond to animal emergencies

  • investigate complaints

What else should I know?

  • Dogs must be licensed in Santa Monica each year. This can be done at the Shelter*

  • Enforce laws and regulations regarding pets and animals in Santa Monica.

  • If you find a lost animal, call the Santa Monica Police at 310 458 8491

  • If you find a deceased, animal call the Santa Monica Police 310 458 8491

* The online registration process is scheduled to begin in the Spring of 2019.