Friends of the Santa Monica Animal Shelter

Our Mission:


We are the Friends of the Santa Monica Animal Shelter or FOSMAS!

We give animals in need a temporary home filled with love, care, and the highest quality services while they wait to find their forever families!


Our Mission

To raise funds and create community partnerships to help the Santa Monica Animal Shelter. Everything we do is dedicated to impacting our animals' quality of life during their stay at our Shelter.

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Our Impact

The Santa Monica Animal Shelter intakes approximately (per year) :

  • 300 Dogs

  • 200 Cats

  • Occasional other animals such as rabbits, birds and reptiles.

These animals include lost and stray pets, injured animals, as well as animals from other facilities in an emergency. For example, many animals were assisted in the recent Woolsey Fire affecting nearby communities in Malibu, California.



annual adoptions

About 300 dogs and 200 cats are saved each year from lost or stray circumstance. We also take in rabbits, reptiles and birds!


Years Serving Santa Monica

FOSMAS is a new organization, ready to bring about change in the lives of our furry Santa Monica friends!


schools trained per year

Our officers work with local schools to teach young people how to properly care for animals and train them to live well!


Our Projects

FOSMAS is currently partnering with the Shelter leadership staff to identify projects that will help the quality of life for the animals during their time at the Shelter. This includes both large- and small-scale projects.

Here are some of the projects that your donations will help come to fruition. 


medical suite

A state-of-the-art medical suite is one of our major fundraising goals. We’re one of the only shelters in LA without its own medical facility. Having an in-house medical suite will allow us to treat sick and injured animals on-site, without the need to transport them and cause any additional stress. Having an on-site facility for spay/neuter will also lower adoption costs. 

play yard

Dogs need attention and exercise to maintain both their emotional and physical health.  FSMAS will work to transform the play area more space for play areas, sectioned by dog size, and shade screens to block strong Southern California sun. Studies show that dogs that have playtime are more adoptable allowing them the best chance to find their forever home.

updated animal enclosures

Extended confinement in cage-type enclosures can cause anxiety and even permanent behavioral issues, thereby lowering an animal’s adoptability. FSMAS wants to transform the Shelter’s enclosures with glass fronts, sound-proofing and other upgrades to help reduce stress.

Day to day supplies

New beds, blankets, toys and other items that help keep animals content and comfortable during their stay in the shelter. 


august 2019

Santa Monica Animal Shelter had 42 successful adoptions on Clear The Shelters Day! Together, we helped secure homes for more than 14,000 animals throughout Southern California. Thank you to everyone who came by and adopted.

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Get Involved

There are a variety of ways to get involved with our cause. Follow the links below and choose the option best suited to your abilities at this time!


Make a donation

A donation to the Friends of the Santa Monica Animal Shelter greatly improves an animal’s quality of life.

Volunteer opportunities

Both the Santa Monica Animal Shelter and the Friends of the Santa Monica Animal Shelter accept volunteers.

adopt an animal

The best way to adopt a pet is to visit our shelter and see who is currently available. There are always animals in need!